How to improve your shopping cart?

There are many online retailers that make the process of checkout quite complicated for their customers, while it needs to be user friendly to boost up the sales.

In this piece of writing you will find many ways through which the shopping cart can be easily improved. For every shopping cart there are certain requirements that the customers need to fulfill. There is a form in which the customer fills certain fields. Your job must be to make it easier and clear to read with certain colors. The language must also be easy so that every customer can easily understand it, also you not only need to make the customers understand that why these fields are required, but how they will be checked. If you are using asterisk, make sure that it is large and bold with color like red for the customers that may be color blind. So, it’s essential to consider these points, otherwise think of a situation where you have submitted a form and it’s not going through. For most of the shopping carts the customers require to sign up for an account with a user name and password. This creates a little hope that the customer may come back next time for shopping, but for the time being the customer may just want to get through that transaction. You never know if the customer will ever come back or not, but when you ask the customers to have an account, it creates a little pressure on them to come at the same site for shopping.

Also encourage your customers to keep a strong password for the security purpose, however also keep in mind that pushing the customer too much for a strong password may annoy him and the checkout process can be abandon. There are a number of shopping carts that use some kind of validation like captcha. It’s a great idea to overcome the automated attacks and to make sure that you are actually dealing with a human. I suggest using the recaptcha rather than using a captcha created in-house. It’s good and free too, while the home created captcha solutions may get complicated to read sometimes if a customer has weak eyesight. Payment information and shipping address is the most important part. This involves entering information into many fields, like first name, second name, street address, state, city, country etc. These fields can be arranged in a number of different ways. For the ease of your customers, line them up neatly. Put label above each field rather than displaying them next to the fields. The shipping and billing address might be different sometimes, the customer may be purchasing something with a personal credit card, but he may want the delivery to his work address or want to send it to a friend. It’s also right that the customers hate entering the same information again and again.

If you can come up with an easy way, please do so. You can add a check box with a title “Click here if shipping and billing addresses are identical”.


Try to make shopping as easy for your customers as possible, never do anything that may annoy them.  

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