How to register a domain name


First of all, you need to know which kind of domain you want to register. Probably, you want to register a domain name, that you want to be searched by Google or other search engine. If you are considering this case, you have to think about the geolocation where you want to be found. If you have an agency in Spain, probable is better that you are considering a domain that ends in ".es" of if you are in United Kindgom you have to consider "".

 After considering the TLD (.com,, you have to consider to choose a domain that people can find it easily. For Google and other search engines, the keywords that you have in your domain are really important, so they are considering that words as one of the main keywords to consider when somebody is looking for your website. Once you have chosen TLD (.com,, .es, etc...), you have to find a company that let you to register the domain. For that, in our website we have developed for you a tool where you can find these kind of companies very easily and can do some filters to know which is the cheapest one in the first year, or in the nexts ones. We are telling this, because usually this kind of companies give you an offer first year that is really cheap, but next years they multiply the cost by 3 o 4 times of the price of first year.

So, please, once you know how to register a domain, look for the cheapest one. Click here to go the domain comparison tool. By default, they are order from the cheapest one to the most expensive

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