Periodic SEO Analysis

Philosophy behind the Table: The table is updated to break SEO into broad fundamentals required to achieve success. These fundamental factors are as following. You should have content that is of high quality:

  • HTML – elements used to technically create your web pages
  • Architecture – elements involved with your overall site
  • Links – how links to your content may impact rankings
  • Trust – the degree your site seems to be a trustworthy authority
  • Social – how social recommendations impact your rankings
  • Personal – various ways personalized search results impact your SEO

The goal of the table is not to make a list of all the factors and to be specific about how each one works. No one has the accurate answer of doing that. The algorithm mixes all the factors and decides that what pages must be ranked the best, and it keeps on changing all the time.

The table is for the publishers to look upon the most essential areas that have the most impact on the rankings and the visibility of search engine. If you are unfamiliar with SEO and don’t know where to begin than follow this framework. If you are already familiar with SEO, but getting lost in the details then consider this periodic table; it is a reminder of what’s important.

The table consists of 33 important factors that need to be considered. I will also share which ones have most of the weight. If you just look at the table, they are marked with +3 next to them. There are also some negative factors that must be avoided as your visibility can be threatened. The factors that are marked with -3 are the most dangerous ones; they are worse then -2 and -1.

All of the factors have importance. The weightings are the instructions and it’s also essential to know that the factors can work together. If there are several small positive factors, they will outrank with a single positive factor. If there is a single negative factor that would not mean that the site would not be found.

Each of the factors consists of a two letter symbol; the first letter shows the category of elements. The factor C is for the content. The second letter denotes the element its self, like q for Quality, giving Cq as its symbol. V is for the violations no matter whatever category they are in.

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