Which Social Signals are Important Nowadays for Google?

The year has reached to almost its end and this is the time to look for the trends that are about to come in the coming year. There would be many things that will lose their importance. Obviously Google will not talk about it, but we can always discuss to educate ourselves.

Social media has been a major factor that has been affecting SEO and websites for the past few years. In past it was not so easy for business to reach a lot of people. This type of direct communication is greatly used by marketing and SEO.

In the year to come the social media sites will grow more. So there are huge chances of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn to become even more successful. Pinterest is also gaining popularity day by day and it will defiantly impact SEO. Having the presence of these social media sites on your website is good step towards SEO.

There are different signals for every site and each signal is important for the SEO. On Facebook it is “like” or “share”, while on Google+ it’s a plus one. You will find Twitter as “Retweets”. These are used to spread your website links to other social media websites and that is how your business gets more exposure.

For sure Google+ signals are the most important. Google is trying to enhance its social network and it will continue doing this for the year to come.

The Important Social Signals:

1.      For SEO the most effective one is the Google+, its good for the both old and new websites.

2.      Facebook likes are important too, but due to the fact that they are easier to obtain therefore they have less importance.

3.      Pinterest Pins are growing in their importance; this site is unexploited for the SEO business.

4.      The Tweeter retweets have lost their significance since Twitter has established links with nofollow.

Google+ is still one of the best options but you can always include a few more signals to get your website going. Posting and sharing content is simple and it is indexed by Google very easily. You can take full advantage of the social signals if you want to as long as you have something to share on your website whether it’s content or any product you are selling.

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