What to Do on Your Server to Improve your SEO


There are a few things that can easily affect the search engine optimization. The web server, web publishing software and web hosting package play a vital role in the performance and execution of your search engine optimization. In other words these are the areas that can bring success or mess up your online business.



In order to be successful online, you require marketing plan, and for any plan to be successful you need to select a proper hosting server and related software. One should not ignore the significance of the right hosting software and server. These are the most influential factors in executing the important online strategies to increase the website traffic and conversion. You might be getting what I am trying to convey­- yes, it is the SEO (search engine optimization) I am talking about.


In this article I am sharing a few useful tips regarding the selection of proper server and a web software platform that can effectively contribute in SEO marking plan.


The value of a website cannot be discounted by Google just because of its web servers. However choosing a wrong type of web server, the cost associated to it, and the scope of your search engine optimization can affect your SEO in future. Most of the busiest websites commonly use Apache.  Most of the web hosts will offer you a server based on Apache. Secondly it is free to use, since it is supported by many developers, for help you can get access to community and forums for free. Due to the fact that it is popular, most of the applications are designed to run on Apache. Such as WordPress, joomla and OScommerce etc.


So if you are starting a website of your own, Apache is the most reasonable server to consider. Support is always there, and there are no compatibility issues too. Looking at SEO, it is much easier to move the content with Apache than with the other servers. IIS is another one you can choose, but is you are having some kind of online business; you will find it difficult to move websites.


Another mistake that is commonly made by the business owners is choosing the wrong web hosting package. This affects your SEO campaign in the long run. Ensure that the web hosting package you are planning to choose allows full FTP access to your site.


You can purchase a dedicated server too, but it has some advantages and a few disadvantages too. For those who are beginners will find it much speedy and secure. However the major disadvantage is that you will find it much costly when purchasing it. So you might not go for this option depending o your budget. You can spend your money on some other SEO steps rather than spending a hug amount on the server.


It all depends on your budget and what you can put forth for your SEO efforts. Having a large budget means spending it for a dedicated server, to increase your ranking. But if you have a limited budget, just go for things like creating quality content that is engaging and back linking.

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