What to do on your website to get better your SEO

SEO is an important thing to consider if you are running a business and have a website for it. SEO is basically a process in which you optimize your website to attract people that are searching for the goods and services you are offering on search engines like Yahoo and Google. Though search engine optimization is a dry topic however it has become quite essential for the entire business owners that are trying to sell their products and services over the internet. It basically makes your website to appear on the top ranks of Google, and so it will attract more potential customers while it is on the first page of Google.

Now the question is how to get your website on the top ranks of Google? Well, here you need what’s called SEO (search engine optimization

1. Make your Web page Descriptive: Remember when you type something in Google to search; it looks everywhere to come up with a relevant web pages and info. So make sure that you clearly mention your services with huge headings and description on your website. Briefly describe the kind of services or products you are offering. This will increase the chances of your site to appear on Google.

2. Get listed on Search Engines: Getting your site listed on the local search engines and directories is also very helpful; this increases the chances of your customers finding you easily.

3. Include Useful Content in your Website:  Add more detailed content about the services you are offering. Add content based on the information related to cost of services, reliability etc. If you are offering products then mention their prices, features and a few reviews so that the customer can actually build some trust in you.

4. Spread your links on Social Media sites: Get your business exposed, and for that make use of social media websites. You will also find it the best place to boost your business through referrals.

5. Establish links between Websites: If you are running more than one website, establish a link among them. You can either link them through the blog roll, footer links or whatever you can think of.

6. Choose a Suitable Domain Name: Mostly people choose bizarre and weird domain names, but you must make a start with a domain name that is most suitable. For example if you have a cake shop called “Fantastic Monkey” no one would want it, but if you come up with “fantastic monkey cakes”, it will fit the most. So choose a right one form the beginning.  

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